Amos C. Brown, III was born on December 18, 1950, in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois. His parents, Dr. Amos C. Brown, II, an optometrist, and Johnye LaPearl Brown, a dedicated homemaker, instilled in him values of community, service, and education from an early age. Growing up on the dynamic south side of Chicago, Amos attended Lindblom High School, where he began to cultivate his passion for communication and media.

Upon graduating from Lindblom High, Amos embarked on his academic journey at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. In 1972, he proudly earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Radio‐Television and Film, a pivotal moment that solidified his commitment to the world of broadcasting. During his time at Northwestern, Amos found his calling at WNUR radio, the university’s esteemed college radio station, where he dedicated countless hours honing his craft and developing his distinctive voice.

In 1975, Amos ventured to Indianapolis, drawn by opportunity and the promise of community engagement. He was welcomed into the fold by the late Dr. Frank Lloyd, founder of WTLC Radio, who recognized Amos’s talent and appointed him as an account executive. Through dedication and skill, Amos swiftly ascended to the role of Station Manager, where he became a revered figure in Indianapolis broadcasting.

Throughout his illustrious career, Amos wore many hats, seamlessly transitioning between roles as an executive, on‐air talent, and newspaper columnist. His radio show, “Afternoons with Amos” on Radio One’s AM1310, The Light, captivated audiences and became a staple of the city’s airwaves. Simultaneously, his insightful column, “Just Tellin’ It,” in the Indianapolis Recorder, provided a platform to address pressing issues facing the African-American community, from politics to social justice.

Amos’s commitment to community empowerment extended far beyond the studio. He was a tireless advocate for numerous causes, including the United Negro College Fund, Riley Hospital for Children, Circle City Classic, Indiana Black Expo, and voter education initiatives. His efforts garnered widespread recognition, including the prestigious Sagamore of the Wabash award, the highest honor bestowed upon a citizen of Indiana.

In the realm of journalism, Amos’s contributions were equally esteemed. His induction into the Indiana Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame in 2007 stands as a testament to his lasting impact on the field. He was also nominated for the National Association of Broadcasters’ Marconi Award and Crystal Award for Community Service, underscoring his dedication to excellence and social responsibility.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Amos was deeply involved in Indianapolis civic affairs, serving on numerous boards and committees dedicated to community development and civic engagement. His legacy as a champion of the people and a voice for the marginalized continues to inspire generations.

In every aspect of his life, Amos C. Brown, III exemplified integrity, compassion, and unwavering commitment to his community. His remarkable journey serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the transformative power of media and activism.



The Amos C. Brown, III Scholarship aims to empower and uplift future communicators and community advocates. It honors graduating seniors who exhibit exceptional academic achievement with a minimum 3.0 GPA, actively engage in community service, and demonstrate financial need. This scholarship is tailored for students pursuing majors in communications, including media, public relations, journalism, and related disciplines, showcasing their dedication to impactful storytelling and advocacy. Priority consideration will be given to students from Marion County, Indiana public schools, and minority backgrounds, aligning with our commitment to fostering diverse voices and leadership within our communities. Applications will open in Fall 2024, and the first scholarship recipient will be named in Spring 2025.

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The Amos C. Brown, III Legacy Awards recognize those outstanding individuals whose cumulative contributions in media and community have positively impacted the fabric of the Indianapolis community.



Tina Cosby

Host-Community Connection and Community Public Affairs Director Radio One Indianapolis

As an Emmy award-winning journalist, this highly acclaimed communicator has consistently led initiatives crucial to furthering the well-being of the Indianapolis community. As the host of Community Connection on AM1310, 92.7 FM, and 95.1 FM, and as the Community Affairs Director for the Radio One Indianapolis cluster, Tina Cosby continues to be a vital voice for the people of Indianapolis.



DuJuan McCoy

Founder/Owner Circle City Broadcasting

DuJuan McCoy epitomizes a visionary, seeing possibilities and opportunities others might overlook. This is evident in his 30+ year career in the media industry. Starting in the local television market in Indianapolis, DuJuan has developed a keen acumen for transforming television properties into profitable, community-focused entities. Returning home to own heritage television stations WISH, Channel 8, and WNDY, he realizes the dreams of those who came before him, becoming a true leader in minority media ownership.



Shannon Williams

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, The Mind Trust

Shannon is a true innovator, consistently bringing a fresh perspective to every role she takes on.

As the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of the Mind Trust, she expands partnerships, forges strong relationships with grassroots communities, and collaborates with civic and community leaders to enhance understanding of the organization’s mission. During her two decades with the Indianapolis Recorder, she implemented unique strategies that boosted the circulation and visibility of the 126-year-old African American publication and elevated the profile of the Indiana Minority Business Magazine. Her inspiring leadership continues to uplift diverse voices in the community.



Rafael Sanchez

Multimedia Journalist and Voice of the Indianapolis Airport

For over 30 years, Rafael has been a leader in the Indianapolis media community through his groundbreaking work as a multiple Emmy Award-winning bilingual journalist. As one of the few Hispanic journalists in the market, he embraces his great responsibility in being a role model and giving back to the community through his active involvement. A true trailblazer, he is the “voice” of the Indianapolis Airport. Like other journalists of color, Rafael has paved the way to ensure that diverse voices in journalism are represented, continuing the legacy of those who came before him.



Derrik Thomas

Broadcaster and Member, Indiana Broadcasters Hall of Fame

For 40 years, Derrik was renowned for his distinctive writing style and on-air delivery. Garnering numerous industry awards and recognitions, he became notable for his coverage of courts, criminal trials, and feature stories from Indianapolis’ inner-city community. His unique sign-off, “Derrik Thomas…For the News,” became legendary and memorable to viewers. Derrik’s impressive career and significant contributions will be long celebrated in the pantheon of Indianapolis journalism.



Barbara Boyd

Journalist, Member Indiana Broadcasters Hall of Fame, Philanthropist, Socialite, and Community Advocate

Blazing the way as the first black woman television journalist in Indianapolis, Barbara Boyd set the standard for excellence in journalism in the market. Receiving multiple accolades for her work over the years, she used her platform to help improve the lives of the community she served. Her love for her craft and her community is evident through the many charities and organizations she has supported over the years. Barbara’s tenacity, creativity, and hard work  helped pave the path for women and people of color who would come along to make their mark in the future. She is the ICON on whose shoulders many stand upon.  We celebrate Barbara Boyd, a true vanguard whose impact resonates through every corner of Indianapolis, inspiring future generations to dream big and break barriers.

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